We use at least 80% up-cycled materials in all our products

Thanks to our partnerships with amazing companies such as Oughtred Coffee and Synergy, last year Island Java Bag up-cycled or re-purposed the following materials and more:

  • 2190 kg burlap coffee bean bags
  • 780 (19.5 kg) foil coffee bags that had contained roasted coffee
  • 521 (240 kg) retired zip line harnesses
  • 140 malt bags from local breweries
  • 120 (67kg) pairs of used jeans


How to Care for Your Island Java Bag

Every one is a handmade original using at least eighty percent up-cycled materials

Here are some ideas to keep your bag nice for years to come:

  • Do not put it in a washing machine! The burlap will turn into so many pieces of lint and your bag will be wrecked
  • Air your bag outside. This method is great to clean up any residual scent the burlap may have picked up
  • The bag may be hand washed and air dried. Never put it in the dryer!
  • The straps can also be spot cleaned or hand washed

How is your soap and scrub considered up cycled?

A roaster had 40 pounds of roasted coffee he could not sell. He gave it to us to use. What do you do with 40 pounds of coffee ? You make scrub and espresso soap out of it. 

Where do you get the material for your cotton produce bags?

We work with the Victoria Hotels Association to keep their retired linens out of the waste stream. Since the fabric has already had a life, it is carbon neutral and zero waste.